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How Rich Brian gets his International Debute - they are fun facts about him

So excited to type this article in English. I'm also nervous and don't know exactly why am I doing this. But, there are some of my friends supporting me to start doing this. Then I'm doing it now!  :)

If you check out this article then you found this guy's name. You're probably know this guy by stuff he is doing even from couple last years. and this is going to be not as formal as you were thinking before, it's just for entertaining you.

Rich bryan is Indonesian guy was born and grew up in Indonesia. He was getting huge after he dropped out his 'dat stick'on Youtube with kind of funny and unique style of video. I would love to tell you some facts about Rich Brian that maybe you didn't know before I'm typing this article. Then let us see!

He found out Hip-hop at 9 years old,

What a crazy fact we got from Rich Brian! he listened to the type of music that was far away from part of culture where he was growing up. Not about the hip-hop but about the type of ideas inside the lyrics he made. I am talking about how amazing this guy brought some points that were connected to worldwide not only in Indonesia. I said this because his audiences at the first were from United States. By that I could tell that what he made was so touching them even in Indonesia that thought was not commonly we knew.

He did two other crazy stuff at young-kid age

They were rubik's game and photography. He went to the competition around 13 years old by doing the competition at rubik's game competition. and he was also really good at it. One fun fact about this was his parents when they heard Rich Brian wanted to fly out to US to get this competition, He shocked his parents immediately. For me as the writer for this article. I was amazed by this guy especially about how did he make it so fast for his life doing many things and he was good at them. I'm totally can say this guy is truly smart. 

He was home-schooling student
I got this story from youtube when he got an interview on the radio then he was saying that his parents put him on home-school because they were too busy for that reason. and I got laugh also by this because how could his parents spent time to teach him when they said they were too busy to drive him to school.

He was just moved to US in 2017
Yes our man was just moved last year! we will be so confused and surprised by how smart he is. He just watched youtube to get fluent in English then dropped the hip-hop song and got to understand at the native level in English language but he was just moved in US. Well, even we already knew that he learned English from couple years before. But for me, it is also damn fastest. 

He will be on tour outside of US

I got the story when he went to the festival in Indonesia then he got line on the screen said that 'he is coming!'. The point was about how Indonesian people said that for him even they knew that he is Indonesian. That's Funny. And for some years later, he will be on tour like in Australia, new zealand and etc.

I think that is all for this article. thank you for reading this even my English is not really perfect as hell. But hopefully on my next article will be better explanations,ideas, and words to all of you - my reader. See you! (/tm)

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